Preserving Memories in the fabrics of your life

"When our third daughter Penelope was born July of 2016 one of the greatest presents we received was this Lumpy Blanket. To start, the quality of the blanket is absolutely amazing. One can immediately see the time and love spent on every stitch, and we use this blanket for everything from picnics to tummy time. Whenever my wife Brandy lays the blanket down to play with Penelope, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes before our 5 and 3 year old daughters are playing on the blanket along with our dog Aslyn. Penelope is now 6 months old, and we use both sides of the blanket depending on the mood Penelope is in. The soft side is great for P when she’s practicing her crawling skills as the blanket is thick enough to keep her safe from the hard wood floor beneath. When P is in a more playful mood we play with her on the denim side to work her fine motor skills as she loves to grab at the stitching and pinch the small pieces of yarn sewn into the blanket. I recommend these blanket to everyone. While we use it now for quality time with our daughters, I’m know we will be ordering more for the other members of the family as these blankets can be used for everything.Thank you for creating such an amazing product, and even more thank you for helping creating so many great memories."


"Laurie at Sew Called Designs created amazing gifts for my sons from their old t-shirts and their outgrown Royal Ranger uniforms and badges. My older son received a quilt and my younger son a large lounging pillow. Laurie consulted with us on every step of the process regarding what portions of the t-shirts and uniforms to keep and which we didn't need to have displayed. Now articles of clothing that they had earned or were a part of their childhood have been rescued from the rag bag or thrift store and are a precious memory to be passed down for generations!"


"My name is Maribel and I purchased a specific backpack from Laurie Kincaid.  Meaning I chose the color pattern and even got my BLING buttons I like so much.  At the first try of swinging it over my shoulders the strap came undone from the seam.  All it took was for me to return it to Laurie and a replacement was in my hands within 48 hours.  I am enjoying my bag.  Giving it 5 out of 5 stars."


"As my son was nearing the end of his high school years, I started going through the box of items I had saved since he was in Kindergarten. Couple that with the innumerable t-shirts I had collected from sports, band and church activities, I could cloth a small village! I had seen a memory quilt online made from old t-shirts and thought it would be the perfect gift for my son: clean out his armoire and gain a comfy blanket! Laurie did a wonderful job putting the quilt together - and inexpensively compared to many online quotes I had seen. I remember seeing the quilt for the first time and crying - I think it kind of scared Laurie! This quilt represented the last 12+ years of his life ... and mine. I remembered all the early morning hockey games, beautiful days at the baseball field, fun nights at AWANA quizzing, and festive band concerts the whole family enjoyed. It is something he/we will treasure always!"

-Julie B., Western Mass and Maine

"When my husband died, I found many Air Force insignia and patches. I was so glad to have found Laurie. She makes truly awesome keepsake pillows. I can't thank her enough. One of the pillows was made from Jim's bathrobe, and Laurie left the pockets intact. How very clever! She and I had a wonderful working rapport, and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone."

-Linda I. from Western Massachusetts

"This lumpy blanket is adorable. Not only can little ones roll around on it safely, but it's colorful, soft and not overly bulky. Throw it over the couch, on the floor, on the bed, in the crib or even over your shoulders if (like me) you don't want to turn the heat up while you're watching TV. This is a unique and fun gift!"

-Nona Karen, Eastern Mass