Preserving Memories in the fabrics of your life

Preserve your memories, or should I say, “Don’t throw it away just yet.” 

What is an artist's motivation? Color? Texture? Novelty? Frugality? Much to my family's dismay, my motivation is definitely Frugality. Not only do I have a hard time throwing away anything of my own, I have a hard time letting them throw anything away, and sometimes I'm known to forbid non-family members to throw things away. HEY, you never know! It could be the next.... Well, just don't toss it. OK?

The memory quilts and pillows are always a collaboration with you. I'd love to work with you on such a project, to give your "retired" tee-shirts, team attire, or old uniforms a new lease on life, accessorized and enhanced with personal insignia, scout badges, and jewelry of your life.

Non-Collaborative In-Stock pieces:

  Themed magnet tiles (set of 4) $10 + S&H

  Lumpy Blanket (approx.5x6') $100 + S&H

  Encyclopedia Lamp (without lampshade) $250 + S&H

  Window pane mirror (painted to your color specs) $250 + S&H

Please contact me, and include your contact information so that I may call or email you to start discussing your project. If "the internets" are being ornery and uncooperative, send me a message through my theatre FaceBook page, LauriesStories. I look forward to working with you to preserve your memories in a beautiful and practical fabric 'work of heart'.

Preserve Your Memories