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Where Your Memories are Preserved in Practical Art

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Our commitment at Sew Called Designs is to make you smile. We promise to be 100% available to you throughout the project, and to keep the lines of communication open after you have received your precious memorial piece, in the event you'd like to "tweak" something.

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Who is Sew Called Designs?

​Who We Are

SewCalledDesigns grew out of the fun of giving new life to the fabric memories of our lives: team teeshirts, retired uniforms, insignias, badges, lace.  We love the collaboration with our happy - oftentimes surprised - customers, working hard to bring usefulness to "almost retired" pieces.

Preserving Memories in the fabrics of your life

“When I'm not sewing a memory quilt out of your retired tee-shirts, or converting a window pane into an attractive wall mirror, I'm memorizing lines to bring a character to the stage (visit www.Stories-on-Stage.com). Whatever I write or design or present is for an Audience of One, but I'm happy to take requests from all of you. I will do my best to exceed your expectations.

So how did this all start? Well, like most women of my era, I took the obligatory sewing and cooking lessons at my municipal extension service. Like fewer women of my era, I took some of those skills on the road, and worked as part of the "équipe" opening an "American" restaurant (read: hamburgers and baked potatoes) in Paris.

Now that I have reached a ripe old age where sharp knives, hot sauté pans, and cranky chefs are less attractive, I am resurrecting some of the other skills I'd acquired. Sitting at the sewing machine to create and design in a more docile setting feels a lot safer, and I love the texture and colors of the fabrics. Preserving the histories that the fabrics represent is real joy also.

And I especially appreciate it when someone else is doing the cooking.

A sewing teacher once told me that I couldn't put two fabrics together. I took that as a challenge, and the SewCalledDesigns Backpack Collection was born. From there, it was only natural that I should up-cycle tee-shirts into quilts and pillows, window sashes into wall mirrors, and Books of Knowledge into table lamps. Still-useful items get a new lease on life, and your memories live on.

The creative wheels start turning whenever I acquire another armload of teeshirts, or batch of remnants, or end-of-the-bolt upholstery fabric. The sewing fun begins, and I cherish the honor of being part of your project.”